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Saturday, 15 August 2015


The promo ended with a CGI mountain, atop which sat images of various wrestlers and, of course, the Battleground logo. It looked like the sort of goofy shtick the WWE attempted a lot in the 1990s, not something you’d expect to see nowadays.

The proper Battleground PPV kicked off with a ridiculous opening promo, styled to resemble something like the movie 300, with soldiers attacking one another in slow-motion on a CGI-laden battlefield, overlaid with cheesy British narration and intercut with clips of the various wrestlers fighting on the show. Just horrible.


Discuss taking a joke that wasn't interesting in the first place, and afterward continuing to drive it into the ground like a tent peg until it's uncontrollably unsavory and aggravating.

Gone ahead King, realize when to drop a stifler and proceed onward.


It's been a long-term dissention of WWE Network clients that the pre-demonstrate for the most part allows to a business some breathing room amid a match, which is sufficiently terrible,

yet it's far and away more terrible when the plugs are for the very item you've as of now purchased: the WWE Network.


Enormous E then got Renee to touch his bicep, and in the fragment's most entertaining minute, Byron attempted to high-five Kofi pretty much as he swung to look the other way, bringing on Byron to give himself a high-five. 

Never show signs of change, Byron.


In reasonableness, there wasn't a solitary appalling match on the card, only a considerable measure of acceptable charge and sessions that didn't generally touch off fans' creative abilities.

Still, as ever, there were a huge amount of clever, peculiar and off-the-divider minutes that made it worth viewing, from some distractingly horny fans in the front column, to Xavier Woods being Xavier Woods, and obviously, the red hot trainwreck that was the headliner.

Dasha Kuret


She's been serving as a ring broadcaster at a percentage of the late NXT Live shows, so it may be the case that position which Dasha is as of now being prepared for, however the sooner she's on TV, the better.

A snappy take a gander at her Twitter account likewise demonstrates that she's a genuine wresting fan.



Bayley is unquestionably huggable, and marginally goofy contrivance aside, the NXT Diva has still figured out how to demonstrate an edge which ought to serve as evidence that she has what it takes to be one of the WWE's most overwhelming and well known rivals in the exact not so distant future.

She doesn't have that tradition "WWE Diva" look, yet that is the thing that from numerous points of view makes her so incredible. Like Emma, it's anything but difficult to envision Vince McMahon truly spoiling Bayley's character when she winds up on the principle program, so make the most of her magnificence in NXT while despite everything you can